Full-Service General Contractor in Iowa

Edge Commercial, LLC is a full-service general contracting and construction management firm based in Grimes, Iowa. Edge is operated by a group of experienced individuals capable of completing projects ranging from the smallest jobs to larger complex projects. Our experienced team specializes in three distinct segments: Commercial Contracting, Healthcare Construction and Industrial Construction and Maintenance. These disciplines are unique and require specific management and staff to provide the highest level of service each industry demands. Edge Commercial employs the top professionals in these areas and provides them with the guidance, support and trust needed for success. Each project is staffed with the most qualified individuals with the most related experience. Based locally in Grimes, Iowa, Edge has the ability to manage and perform work throughout Iowa and the entire Midwest.

Edge was formed by five partners: Ward Phifer, Dean Armantrout, DJ Opdahl and Jason Ceretti, who were previously employees of a successful commercial construction company. At this company, the partners became business savvy and learned to build a strong network of relationships once they transitioned to form Edge.

Edge is a non-union company, which allows us to perform or hire all aspects of the project as we see fit. In 2008, a sister company, DML Construction Services, was added to subcontract directly to Edge for union millwright, laborer, and concrete finishing services that may be required or requested by our clients.

We pride ourselves that approximately 70 percent of our annual construction volume is completed for repeat customers. The emphasis on delivering a quality product in a win-win environment is not just what we claim but what we are able to produce with the quality people who make up our team.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed the construction industry standards by delivering a finished product, meeting plans and specifications, and abiding by building and zoning requirements.

Edge uses the highest quality materials and the most advanced techniques with every project we complete. We always represent the owner’s interests, and respect their cost guidelines and timelines. Edge always stands behind our work and our projects.

Our Values

Our values are important to us. Edge believes in treating everyone fairly, honoring relationships, being loyal, and striving towards superiority with every project.

We honor all relationships and provide respect for all associates, our organization, and our clients and customers. We pledge to adhere to all company principles and standards. We believe in a strong moral and ethical code of conduct that is unwavering in all aspects of working relationships. Our employees pledge to be honest, loyal, and reliable in all of our commitments both internally and externally. We always strive towards superiority and never settle for mediocrity. Our commitment and dedication to Edge is demonstrated by our ability to follow through on all promises.

Types of Work We Do

Edge’s group of experienced individuals make us capable of completing projects ranging from building maintenance to construction of a new facility. While our focus is on commercial building construction, we have combined experience in all building types including residential, industrial and civil projects.

Self-Performed Work

Edge would intend to self-perform the carpentry items including the installation of millwork, wall panels, doors and hardware and any specialty items. We would in turn subcontract the other applicable portions of the work to well qualified subcontractors. Edge’s role in both the hard bid and negotiated work sectors have given us the ability to establish a wide subcontractor pool of qualified and respected companies that provide competitive numbers and give you great value for your dollar.

Our staff has a tremendous amount of experience in all types of commercial building construction including:

Medical Office
Emergency Room
Operating Rooms
X-Ray and MRI
Assisted Living


Flex Warehouse
Pre-Engineered Building
Press Installation
Deep Foundation
Dryer Upgrades
Dust Control
Shut Down Maintenance

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