Quality Construction Services in Central Iowa

Edge Companies believes in a collaborative approach to all of our projects. Whether it’s public work, negotiated projects, or maintenance work, we work closely with the owner and design team to assure they have adequate and accurate input related to constructability and value engineering, resulting in the very best project value. Edge approaches every project as though we are building it for ourselves. We understand the importance of being actively involved in every step of the process, starting with pre-construction planning before the project begins and ending with post-construction project evaluation.

Our commitment to quality sets our team apart from the rest. We understand that timeline, quality, and budget are all equally important factors during the planning and execution phases of a project. We offer preliminary budget work based upon project cost history, market knowledge and quantitative project analysis.

Our team is flexible, offering the ability to subcontract small portions of a project or manage the entire process. We adapt to the project and provide the services that make the most economical and logical sense for the client.


Edge Companies knows that every successful project starts with detailed planning. The pre-construction phase of a project is the initial planning and coordination focused around the client’s goals and expectations. It is important to map out the project early-on before the construction phase begins. This helps all team members develop a more thorough understanding of all the project expectations and identify any potential risks that may be associated with the project.

Our pre-construction services include cost estimating, detailed timeline scheduling, scope of work development, budget preparation, and value engineering. Edge uses pre-planning as a proactive approach to identify and outline even the smallest details that make up a project.

Pre-construction planning also helps to bring the project to life on paper. You can expect a smoother building phase when all the details are clearly outlined during the pre-planning phase of our approach. The team at Edge relies on this phase to keep everyone on track, in order to follow the client’s desired timelines. We believe this is the most important phase in preparation for a successful project.

General Contracting

Edge Companies thrives on bringing their clients’ visions to life. We know that coordination of projects and strong partnerships with subcontractors and other partners is a critical factor to delivering quality projects on time and on budget. Our licensed general contractors have generations of experience planning, managing, and executing multiple large construction projects across Iowa.

Our general contractors take pride in their relationships with subcontractors and project managers. Our team is there to coordinate the work site, monitor the project status, create detailed timelines and safety plans, and communicate with clients. The general contractors at Edge  continually monitor and oversee every aspect of the project, making them always available to address any risks or concerns head-on before a bigger issue arises.

Construction Management

Edge Companies also specializes in construction management, monitoring and documenting the project progress and maintaining communication between all team members and clients throughout the entire project. With successful construction management, your project will have a heightened level of control over the quality, cost, and timeline. Edge’s hands-on approach helps our team meet the needs of each clients by discovering the best solution to meet the project goals in the most cost-effective way.

As a construction manager, Edge operates as your partner. Our team’s project management skills include project controls, risk management, safety controls, design management, subcontractor outreach and much more. We identify the unique elements of every project and create a plan for successful execution. We include our construction managers early on in the pre-construction phase to ensure they are up-to-date on all of the project details prior to the project starting.

Safety is one of our top priorities on the job site. Edge maintains strict safety policies through safety inspections and ongoing safety training for all personnel on each site. We continually work to maintain all safety standards in order to keep our personnel, clients, contractors, and building occupants safe during a build.


During the design phase of the project, Edge Companies combines the functions of an architect, engineer, and construction manager to provide an approach that is focused on the individual needs of your project. With design-build services, there is a seamless relationship between both the designer and the contractor. This provides clients with many operational advantages through a simple and streamlined focus, allowing the project to move from the design phase to the construction phase without any delays.

Design-build is separate from the traditional project delivery approach where an owner must manage two separate contracts, the designer and the contractor. With Design-build services the owner only manages one contract. An owner will work with two individuals on one single team, creating a unified process with direct communication. This designer-contractor alliance evokes teamwork and collaboration, resulting in a faster, more cost-effective project delivery.


Edge Companies does not believe that construction ends the day the project is turned over. We understand issues may occur after we leave the site, which is why all projects include a one year workmanship warranty. We are on call to correct any faulty workmanship or equipment that may present itself after owner occupancy.

Owner training is another item we strongly encourage. We believe that walking through the project and showing the owner how the equipment operates and should be maintained helps the owner to feel more acclimated with the building, as well as preserves the life of the building.

As stated previously, we pride ourselves on repeat business. We want to build relationships with our clients to give them the comfort to know that they are in good hands and will be taken care of. This cannot happen if we do not perform long after the project has been turned over.